Flying Alarm Clock?!

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. But are we pushing the limits of our necessity? I was thinking about it when I happened to see this new gadget - “Flying Alarm Clock“. Have we become so lazy that we can’t force ourselves to get up when the alarm goes off? The flying alarm clock goes little above the line of what an alarm clock is supposed to do. It will definitely be useful for those that disregard the alarm when it goes on and keep hitting the snooze button and go back to sleep. The clock is fitted with a little propeller that starts flying and falls somewhere in your room when the alarm goes on. It also makes a loud shrieking noise once it is on. The propeller is a key and until it is fit back to the clock the alarm doesn’t go off. Since it is lying in some corner of your room, you don’t have a chance to stop it without getting up, picking up the the propeller and stick it back to the clock to stop the alarm. By that time you would be wide awake that you cannot go back to sleep easily. But after few days, the frustration could make a person force to get up if a normal alarm clock goes on.

Have a fantastic weekend! :-)