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Code Quality

I was introspecting myself after reading the article “Code Quality - Why Maintenance And Risk Management Are So Important to Developers” in DZone. It is a very interesting article and the points mentioned by Reiner Eischen are very much valid. As an architect I had been a victim to many such occasions. Because if risk management is not taken care early on it hits you bad once the application is live. When that happens and you want to trace back where the problem is, you got to understand what’s happening behind the scenes. It will take a long time for you to know what’s happening if the code is not documented. Additionally to what the author says, what I have observed is, developers usually get into the mode of writing draft code pieces to check if something works or not and copy it back to the mainstream code. When that happens, consciously or unconsciously they also forget about making it clean and writing a comment to that. What developers don’t realize is that they fall victim to a not understandable code later and spend more time to add or modify something. My 2 cents.