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Foundation Stone #21 - Learn, Share, Grow

In my earlier post “Tips to become a software professional” one of the points was,

“Everything comes under give and take policy; knowledge is not an exception to it. Share your knowledge, only then you will know if you learnt correct and what you are missing.”

Learning is a continuous process. Learning does not need to come always through self learning from books or internet. The easiest way to learn something is through someone who has already learnt it.  It benefits both the parties. The person who tries to learn can learn quickly and not take the same time as the person who is teaching.  But then on the other hand the person who is teaching, how does he benefit? Couple of questions that might come to mind is,

  • Why should I teach and give away the skill advantage I have?
  • Why should I spend time teaching when I have my own work to do?

There is basically no skill advantage just because you know something that others don’t. In fact you won’t know if you possess it unless you share, people ask you questions and you are able to answer them. And sometimes it is those questions that you are trying to find answers will actually add value to whatever you have learned.  Another point is it does not take a lot of time for someone to learn what you know and share that with others and gain added advantage.

As far as spending time is concerned you don’t need to compromise on what you are working on. You just need to plan in advance a time that will suit you and others. If it is a bigger topic it could be a series of sessions and not necessarily a one shot session. Remember by sharing you are registering what you have learnt and it is a rehearsal for yourself to keep what you have learnt for a long time. By sharing you also gain additional skills like the ability to present, improve your communication skill as well as the ability to answer questions.  The learning and sharing is a cycle that pushes you forward and helps you grow.