Archive for September 20, 2006

Website snapshot

If you are developing a web application that focuses on producing content and referring to web site links and you also want to make it a rich internet application with AJAX features, then you might want to show a snapshot of the website link on your application in a popup.  Say when the user mouse hovers on a link this popup comes and shows a snapshot of the site before the user actually decides to click on it and get into that site.  Browster is an example application that adds as an extension to your browser and shows the preview of your search result before you can click on a link.  The added advantage of Browster is that it not only shows the preview but acts as a mini browser within the browser allowing you to navigate with the links you see in the preview. WebshotsPro is a site that can generate thumbnails of websites.  How does it do it? With the help of Webshot which is a command line tool that can generate the thumbnail of websites as images. Adding a preview of external page links is an added value to the application and helps the user in deciding whether to get into the site or not.